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About us

About us

Moonrest Pillow Company, LLC. is an American company, Our team is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of cervical and spinal support pillows with all-natural, organic fillings.

The founders of the company bring years of experience in chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, teaching of yoga and meditation, and the study of how the environment affects our bodies' compensation and healing mechanisms. They have worked and trained in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States.

For years they have dedicated their efforts to create organic pillows that will support your spine and relax your muscles during the day and at night. To ensure the most healthy designs possible, they have worked with chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapist, physiotherapists, and a number of other health professionals to learn from their knowledge and experience.

For the first years, our products were marketed exclusively wholesale to health professionals. These included chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage institutes, physiotherapists, alternative medicine practitioners, health spas, yoga/meditation studios, and herbal stores. More recently, we have felt a strong desire to reach people directly to educate them about preventive care and the importance of a healthy and correct posture. We hope to accomplish much of this through our website with its clear instructions, explanations, and images.

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